It’s always so amazing to me how much time each piece of an art installation takes to develop, research, find, tweak… each piece has a story all it’s own.

I picked up some beautiful cut logs at a family tree farm in Woodland Washington. Walt is here cutting the log, most of the pieces that I’ll be using in the installation came from the same tree. Walt practices selective thinning, so his little forest is healthy and provides his family with a little extra income.




I took apart many pallets, and ended up with some usable wood. Here, Scott Sutton and I are attempting to make some sense of a pattern for the blind. I kept thinking ‘non-pattern’, a pattern without a pattern.


Here’s the Portland Building installation space right after Elisabeth and I painted it. It happened again, I didn’t get a before photo, picture the walls painted white, that’s the before photo. My friend Elisabeth is a creative type, but also owns a house painting business called Painting Blue Skies, she helped quite a bit with color consulting.



Scott Sutton helped get the blind mostly together, then my friends Jason Roberts and Hunter Williams came in to help finish up. Jason, was key to figuring out the best way to install the rear view mirrors (you’ll see).


Yes, moving along – phew, got the blind up in the Portland Building lobby. Earlier in the day, we delivered the firewood to the space.





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